Year 1

Autumn Spring Summer
Dinosaurs/Toys/Christmas Castles and Fairy Tales Exploring the Outdoors
Why are animals different?

How do we know about toys from the past?

Where did people use to live? How does our environment change and how can we look after it?

Year 2

Autumn Spring Summer
Is Fire Dangerous? Would you rather…..? Our Animal World

Explore fire in fiction and it’s use as a tool as well as a destructive force.

Outcome – open afternoon for parents at the end of term

A comparison of life on Coll, with life in Australia

Outcome- gallery of aboriginal art

Why are animals different?

Outcome – Create a Powerpoint about Animals for the school website

Year 3

Autumn Spring Summer

Incredible Ice Age

The Romans Rainforests

What changes did the Ice Age cause?

What did the Romans do for us?

Why are rainforests important?

Year 4

Autumn Spring Summer
The Egyptians The Victorians Natural Disasters

What was life like in Ancient Egypt?

Why was life different for Victorians?

Tell me more about Natural Disasters…

Year 5

Autumn Spring Summer

Ancient Greece



What did the Greeks do for us?

Why did the Vikings invade?

Why are there different types of coasts ?

Year 6

Autumn Spring Summer
India Tudors Evolution

Where in the world?

Plymouth and the Tudors

Where did I come from?